Mass Schedule / Horarios de Misas

Daily Mass Monday-Friday: 6:30am English in Felician Chapel at St. Adalbert



8:00am Bilingual in St. Adalbert Church

8:30am Confessions in St. Adalbert Church

4th Saturday of the month: 3:00-3:45pm Confessions in St. Casimir Church

Sunday mass


4pm English

1st, 3rd & 5th Saturdays at St. Adalbert

2nd & 4th Saturdays at St. Casimir


St. Adalbert                        St. Casimir

8:00am English                 9:30am English

9:30am Spanish                11:15am Spanish

 1:00pm Spanish                                                  


Our faith is deeply rooted in the celebration of the Sacraments, with the Eucharist as the source and summit of our spiritual life, nevertheless it is crucial and necessary that we also allow ourselves to grow through personal prayer. It is through our individual prayer lives that we engage in conversation with God concerning our gratitude for his many blessings as well as to ask for His bestowal of grace in our lives. Fortunately, at St. Adalbert’s, we are blessed with abundant opportunities to receive the Sacraments and engage in prayer. Still, we continue to seek ways to further enrich the spiritual lives of our parishioners through prayer and liturgy. 

Events in October



Bulletin announcements



Young Adult Gathering

Our next young adult gathering for all young adults aged 18-35 will take place on Monday, September 9 from 6-8pm in the Rectory at St. Adalbert. Those who come are asked to share about where their family is from in Mexico, like where it is located, what life is like, what the culture and food is like, what family are still there, etc. Then, if you are able, you are welcome to bring something traditional from that place. It can be a typical food, or a piece of indigenous clothing from the area or something unique to that area. We hope you can join us for an enriching evening on September 9!

Reunión de los jóvenes adultos

La próxima reunión de los jóvenes adultos de edades 18-35, será el lunes, 9 de septiembre de 6-8pm en la Rectoría de San Adalberto. Los que vengan, favor de compartir con nosotros sobre el pueblo dónde es tu familia en México, como dónde están, cómo es la vida, cómo es la cultura, la comida, qué familia todavía está allí, etc. Luego, si puede, puede traer algo tradicional de ese lugar. Puede ser una comida típica, o una ropa indígena del área o algo único de ese lugar. ¡Esperamos que nos pueden acompañar para una noche enriquecedora el día 9 de septiembre!

Youth Group Car Wash

On Saturday, August 24, the St. Adalbert/St. Casimir youth group will be putting on a car wash from 9am-3pm in the St. Adalbert Parking Lot to raise money to go to the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis in November. A car wash costs $8 and an internal vacuuming of the car costs an additional $5. Thank you for your support for the youth of our parish!

Lavada de coches del Grupo de Jóvenes

El sábado, 24 de agosto, el grupo de jóvenes va a hacer una lavada de coches de 9am-3pm en el estacionamiento de San Adalberto para recaudar fondos para ir a la Conferencia Nacional de la Juventud en Indianápolis en noviembre. Una lavada del exterior del coche cuesta $8 y para tener el interior limpiado por aspiradora cuesta $5 más. ¡Gracias por su apoyo para los jóvenes en nuestra parroquia!

Youth Group Mum Sale

The St. Adalbert/St. Casimir youth group will be selling mums to raise money to attend World Youth Day in Portugal in 2022. Each mum costs $10 and can be purchased in memory of a deceased loved one. Orders can be made after masses during the month of August or in the parish office until Tuesday, Aug 27. Thank you for your support for our youth!

Venta de Crisantemos del Grupo de Jóvenes

El Grupo de Jóvenes de San Adalberto / San Casimiro está vendiendo crisantemos para poner en las iglesias para recaudar dinero para asistir a la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud en Portugal en 2022. Cada crisantemo cuesta $10 y se puede comprar en memoria de un querido difunto. Se puede ordenar después de las misas durante el mes de agosto o en la oficina de la parroquia hasta el martes, 27 de agosto. ¡Gracias por su apoyo para nuestros jóvenes!

2019 MMC Notre Dame Football Ticket Raffle


1st Prize-2 Season Tickets

Tkt # 72-Hartford Glass Co, Mishawaka, IN 

2nd Prize-2 tkt vs New Mexico 

Tkt # 9714-Eric Van Overberghe, SBN 

3rd Prize-2 Tkt vs Virginia· 

Tkt# 14248-Gary Wolfinger. Niles, Ml 

4th Prize-2 Tkts vs Bowling Green 

Tkt # 13142-Melanie Balch. Elkhart, IN 

5th Prize-2 Tkts vs U S C 

Tkt# 18647-Linda Lagodney, SBN 

6th Prize-2 Tkts vs Virginia Tech 

Tkt # 11078-Ernie Burus, SBN 

7th Prize-2 Tkt vs NAVY 

Tkt# 3801-Gary Kallaus, Kalona, Iowa 

8th Prize-2 Tkts vs Boston College 

Tkt # 17713-Fred Carroll, Petaluma, CA 

Religious Education| Educación Religiosa

2019-20 Religious Education


Registration for Religious Ed is open!

Parish office 8am-4pm

Registration fees can be paid in person (check or cash ) at the Parish Office.

The Religious Education

The Religious Education fees for the 2019-2020 school year


1 Child $50

2 Children $100

3+ Children $150

Please contact Francisca Flores with any


Comunion y Confirmacion ¡Está abierta la inscripción para Educación Religiosa! 

En la oficina de Parroquia 8:00am-4:00pm 

Se puede pagar en persona (cheque o efectivo) en la oficina parroquial.

El costo de clases de educación religiosa para el año 2019-2020 son: 1 niño $50; 2 niños ; $100 3 + niños $150

Francisca Flores con cualquier pregunta:

St. Casimir 50/50 Winner for March

Sharon Czarnecki


Winning $255! 

The seller was G. Herman.

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